Marketing doesn't have to be hard, selling doesn't have to feel salesy, and you can absolutely make a living making your art.



Let's face it, you didn't sign up to run a business when you decided to sell your art.

You aren't just an artist. 


You're a bookkeeper...

a project manager,

a marketing guru,

a writer,

a studio assistant,

a delivery person,

and an entire shipping department.


And somewhere in there you still need to manage the other parts of your life...and find time to shower. Please don't skip the showers.


You thought professional artist meant that you got to spend your day making art...not sending emails and scheduling social media posts.

You believe you're not doing it well...or at least most of it. 


You just want to be in the studio and feel better about how you are spending your time each day, and you wonder if it's possible to make it all work. 





















This is what I'm hearing...

Artists are frustrated with the amount of time spent on admin instead of being in the studio.


They worry about what people will think of them and their art and it makes it really hard to share it.


They aren't sure how to find collectors. 


They feel like sending emails and posting on social will bother their collectors.


Selling makes them feel stuck.


They don't want people to think they are in this for the money.


They have trouble focusing on everything that needs to get done.


They believe the artwork should speak for itself. 


They think that making money on their art will make their work less important.


They believe that getting organized and planning their day will strip away their creativity.


They are compare themselves to other artists wondering what they could do better.


They are afraid to call themselves a "real" artist. 



What they really want is to feel calm and confident in their business, so they can market and sell their work with ease and spend more time in the studio. 




The reality is that it is totally possible to have a profitable art business without overwhelm, hustle, and trading in studio time for managing the business — it just takes the right approach. 



I built a multiple six figure art business from the ground up using skills I learned selling contact lenses and cell phones.


From squeezing in time painting in my attic studio after the kids went to bed and setting up at car shows so I could learn how to talk about my work, to owning a 2500 square foot studio and gallery in Downtown Phoenixville, PA with thriving art business...


I've done the work and figured out how to build a profitable art business while managing all the pieces and maintaining the sacred studio time.


Now, I teach other artists how to do the same...and it starts with community and small simple steps that any artist can learn and implement. 


The AI Approach was designed to empower you to build the foundation to a long lasting sustainable art business.

Is The Artist Initiative the right choice for you?


The making of the art is the most important part of our business, and that needs to be prioritized and honored always.  This is unique to artists. 


Most businesses view the making of the product as something they can hire for...and for us, it is the thing we desire to do most.


In this program, I'll breakdown how to prioritize your studio time and stay in alignment with your work so that you are creating art from within. 


This will make talking about it feel so simple and natural. 


I'll give you short, actionable trainings that will provide you with growth, transformation and strategies to solve for the most frustrating and overwhelming problems in your business so you can start relaxing about your bank account and splurge on fancy art supplies. 


I've put everything you need in this program to create a profitable, sustainable and doable art business without the hustle and overwhelm our brains default to.


This will take time and energy each week.  


It will not be easy...but it will be worth it. 



Here's a good way to know if you are ready to do this...


  • when you describe yourself as an artist, you feel it in your body 
  • you have developed your art skills through practice and have settled into your own voice for the most part and are ready to get really clear on what your uniqueness is
  • you are frustrated with balancing the business, the demands of everyday life, and getting ample studio time and are looking for a process that can help you
  • you’re struggling to maximize the studio time you do have - finding it difficult to stay in flow
  • you want to show up to your accountant this year with numbers that show your art sales as a business instead of a hobby
  • you are ready to learn to build your art business from an artist that's been there and figured it out the hard way so you don't have to

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“I didn't realize that there was so much more to learn!  Having a supportive community of artists is unbelievably motivating.  I only wish I had something like this 30 years ago!”

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