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Selling Your Art: Simplified

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Here's what you can look forward to when you go all in on you and create the art that you have been dreaming of and an art business that you love to spend time in.

Feel Calmer

More Money

More Time

Better Writing

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Hi, I'm Teresa...

I built a multiple six figure art business from the ground up using skills I learned selling contact lenses and cell phones.


From squeezing in time painting in my attic studio after the kids went to bed and setting up at car shows so I could learn how to talk about my work, to owning a 2500 square foot studio and gallery in Downtown Phoenixville, PA with thriving art business...


I've done the work and figured out how to build a profitable art business while managing all the pieces and maintaining the sacred studio time.


Now, I teach other artists how to do the same...and it starts with a class, an artist community, and small simple steps that any artist can learn and implement. 


Work with me.


Overwhelm appears when we fear what will happen if we take a step forward. 


Some days you are all in. You are in the studio. Everything is flowing.

You remember take in-progress photos.

As a professional artist, you wear two hats...






5K in 90 Days

This October, we begin a 12 week group program for artists who are ready to make more money in their art businesses.  I'm going to teach you a process that puts your art first, and then shows you how to create collectors who want what you love to create. 


Come join us for 5k in 90 Days. 

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I've cracked the code on how to create an art business that you actually like to spend time on...and allows you the space to create the work you really want to create. 


After 12 years of putting my art career on hold to climb the corporate ladder and do what I thought was the responsible thing, I decided to finally go all in on my art business using the skills I learned as a marketing major and sales executive.  Now, I'm so excited to share what I've learned and teach others how they can finally create the art they've always wanted without sacrificing their lifestyle.  

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